5 Ways To Make Your VIPs Feel Extra Important

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5 Ways To Make Your VIPs Feel Special

1. Roll Out The Red Carpet

We mean this both literally and figuratively! The first and foremost important thing to keep in mind is to make sure your VIP’s get treated like royalty. If you have a red carpet, roll it on out for them! Even with or without a red carpet, make sure there is a designated entrance or area that is just for them. Anything you can do to make them feel extra important upon arrival will be appreciated by your VIP guests.

2. Send Out Special Invites

Utilize our custom ticket printing services for a quick, inexpensive way to produce both General Admission and VIP tickets or invitations! Our favorite template to use for VIP’s are our Foil Tickets, as they add a little shine to an otherwise ordinary looking ticket!

3. Include Giveaways In Their Experience

A VIP experience wouldn’t be complete without some extra special giveaways! Whether it be free alcohol, free food, or an extra up close and personal experience, make sure your VIP’s know they’re getting something far better than the General Admission experience. After all, they are paying more!

4. Use Special Wristbands

Designate your VIP attendees by giving them special VIP wristbands! We have many options of already printed VIP bands, including our Tyvek wristbands in assorted colors, and our shiny silver and gold holographic wristbands.

5. Designate a special area of the venue. Make sure there is a separate space set aside specifically for the VIP members. For example, some venues have two floors, often designating the top floor for VIPs.

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