7 Steps to Stress Free Event Planning

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Whether it’s your kid’s birthday party or a corporate event of 500, event planning always seems like a daunting task. So in honor of April being stress-free month, here’s a little advice to kick event planning stress to the curb.

Stress awareness month

1. Start planning early. Pick a theme and send out invites four to six weeks in advance. This way, you’ll get an early gist of how many guests you’ll have and the budget you should shoot for.

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2. Create a budget and stick to it. Figure out how much you can spend and then set those limits on aspects like entertainment and food. If you feel like you’re going over budget, consider do it yourself ideas. That’s what Pinterest is everyone’s best friend.

3. Write EVERYTHING down. Get organized. Seriously, write about every thing you have to do in a checklist. Try not to multitask, because chances are something or something will get confused and leave you panicking. Once you finish something, give it a check. Not only is this the best way to visualize what has been done, but it feels great every time something is checked off.

4. Get help. Delegate responsibilities into categories if necessary. For example, choose someone to handle catering and someone else to handle fundraising. Have them keep their own checklist and report back to you with their accomplishments. This will relieve stress for you and also allow you to better focus on a particular aspect of the event.

5. Use technology. Technology can be scary, but it does make things quicker and easier. Do online event registration with sites like Freshtix to avoid chaos the day of. Use social media to promote yourself by using hashtags and tagging handles. If it’s too time consuming for you to do social media yourself, ask someone if they’d be willing to help.

6. Order online as much as you can in advance. Not only does ordering online save you time from actually going out and shopping, but a lot of websites offer great online discounts. Online ordering is also great for bulk orders.

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7. Take care of yourself! Most times, you will just have to accept that everything will not go planned. That’s why planning in advance is crucial when you have to be flexible. Everything will work out somehow, so just relax. Stress won’t help anything! If you really need a stress relief, here are 23 ways to de-stress right now.


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