Ticket Accessories For Your Event!

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Ticket Accessories

So you’ve designed your tickets and are ready to place your order – what else could you possibly need? While tickets are a wonderful asset to have for any event, there are many other accessories that can help to make event admission an even more seamless process.


A blacklight is a perfect accessory for our tickets as each of our pre-made templates comes with UV visible only ink on the back of each ticket. This is just one of our many built-in security features on our tickets. Having a blacklight handy at your event is another quick and easy way to ensure that a ticket is not a counterfeit.


Wristbands are extremely useful for event admission verification, as well as tracking inventory and age verification. TA Ticket Printing offers multiple types of event wristbands to help with all kinds of event needs.Over 21 Tyvek Wristband

  • Tyvek – Our Tyvek wristbands feel like paper but are made of durable Tyvek material that is both water-proof and stretch-proof
  • Plastic – Our plastic wristbands are even more durable than our Tyvek wristbands. They are for one-time use only and come in a variety of bright and bold colors.
  • Over 21 Tyvek – These are the perfect aid in age verification for an event that will be serving alcohol! Simply I.D. patrons at the event entrance, and give these wristbands to patrons 21 and over.
  • VIP Tyvek/Plastic – We also offer both Tyvek and plastic wristbands with the text “VIP” pre-printed on them. Choose from one of our bright Tyvek colors or opt for the extra special Holographic plastic wristbands to make your VIP’s feel extra important.

Ticket Envelopes

Our ticket envelopes are just the right size to use with our tickets! Use the envelopes to mail pre-purchased tickets to ticket buyers, as a place to keep will-call tickets for the day of the event, or whatever you may need them for! The envelopes are plain white, measure 2.5″ by 6″, and are only $0.05 each.

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