Back-to-School: Tickets For All Fall School Functions

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Summer is drawing to an end and back-to-school season is upon us. And with this annual return to school also comes a return is school activities. Theater classes, youth sport and orchestra classes are already gearing up for fall showcases. You’ll need tickets for all these games, concerts and plays and, lucky for you, we’ve got a variety of tickets to fit whatever back-to-school needs you’ve got!

Maybe you’ve got a fundraiser comin’ up and need some raffle tickets? We’ve got you covered! We offer rolls of 2000 count raffle tickets for $6.95. Rolls come in three color options: red, blue and white.


Homecoming dances will be here before you know it. You’re already in planning mode. We have a variety of themed tickets that might strike your fancy depending on your homecoming theme. These nightclub tickets are another great option. The graphic of the people dancing is a great detail and is sure to get students even more excited about the upcoming dance.

Maybe you’ve got a school assembly or even a big debate for the Student Government Association. These podium tickets are perfect for a variety of speaking engagements.

Finally, Official and Standard style tickets are always a  good option. And each of the three pictured below comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one that best promotes your school’s spirit.

TA Ticket Printing offers so many different tickets that can be used to so many different scenarios. Take a look at our main website and get creative with your use of tickets! Our tickets are fully customizable so you can get as creative as you want! And as always, our tickets come with a variety of security features, like tamper proof designs and serial numbers, so you can feel good about keeping your students safe and secure.

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