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Food trucks have been around for over a century (ice cream truck, anyone?), but are rapidly becoming a popular mainstream destination for dining out in major cities. U.S. cities such as Atlanta and Chicago are now hosting Food Truck Parks in designated locations where locals and visitors alike can sample some of the cities’ finest Food Truckto-go cuisine. It’s a trend that’s catching on like wild-fire and has spread to certain locations doing themed “Food Truck Thursdays” and the like. What’s not to love about fresh, culinary food on wheels?

There’s entire websites dedicated to the food truck movement, including one that maps out current food truck locations in your city in real time, called Roaming Hunger. There are even entire festivals that are being dedicated to food truck awareness and spreading the foodie love!

A food truck festival is a great way to showcase all the different options a city has to offer. Host one in a local park and invite other vendors selling local art, clothing and jewelry.

To help keep a food truck park or festival organized, use wristbands with custom printing on them. This will ensure that only people with wristbands are able to participate in tasting all the yummy foods the trucks are offering up.

Our Red Checker Tyvek Wristbands are also great for a food truck event, since they resemble a classic red checker picnic table cover! Use them to identify guests as they wander about checking out the selection – their wrists will stand out with the bright red checks!

Use custom printed tickets like our Red Festival Tickets or Yellow Standard tickets to invite guests to a food truck event. Scientific studies show that colors such as red and yellow increase hunger, so utilizing this color psychology can only help to increase sales! Custom tickets can let attendees know what type of food trucks will be available to try, as well as the date, time and location of the event! It’s also a good way to differ between general admission and VIP entry upon guests’ arrival.

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