How Our Tickets Keep Your Event Safe & Secure

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It’s no secret that anyone with a little graphic design experience can reproduce a comparable looking ticket to your event. Lucky for you, takes every precaution to make sure that no one without a real ticket gets into your show or event. Our tickets come with a variety of built-in features that allow you to ensure the authenticity of your patron’s tickets.

For example, portions of the back of the ticket are printed using hidden black light ink that can only be printed with a specific printer and requires a blacklight to be read (which we also offer for sale in our accessories section). To increase security measures, tickets also have another hidden ink component called coin-rub ink, which as the name implies, is only visible when rubbed with a coin.

Holograms are another element of security which are nearly impossible to print or reproduce without the proper equipment. Additionally serial numbers are printed on the ticket body and stub. Optional bar codes are another optional added security feature.

Not only are our tickets some of the most secure available, they’re also the most professional-looking. Tickets are available is a huge variety of colors and designs. They’re also extremely customizable so you can feel free to make it your own while having the confidence that you’ll be getting a secure set of tickets.

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