How to Host an Awesome Pub Crawl

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Plan your pub crawl

Pub “crawlers” dressed in “Dia De Los Muertos” theme!

Whether you’re hosting a professional Pub/Bar Crawl or just throwing one for your friends and co-workers, it’s always best to have a plan! For a professional Pub Crawl, there are a few things to consider that will help boost ticket sales and really attract a crowd:

1. Come up with a concept or theme that will make your event stand out! We’ve seen a variety of bar crawls that rely on ridiculous themes, but they work! From Zombies to Snuggies and Santa’s Helpers, don’t be afraid to go wild.

2. Location, Location, Location! Once you’ve settled on a theme, it’s time to consider the location.  You’ll want to have about 5 bars on your tour.  It should be quick and easy to walk from one bar to another without having to cross through dangerous traffic.

3. Meet with the Bars.  Share your theme and action plan.  Discuss signature cocktails that will complement the theme.  For example, a Cinco de Mayo Crawl should have fun margaritas, mini tequila shots, and Mexican Beers. Drinks don’t have to be full sizes.  Ask if they can put up decorations or have the bar staff dress up in the theme. Participating  bars should always offer a discounted drink or “free mini drink.shot” for your “crawlers”.  Your event is bringing traffic to their bar.  Patrons are exposed to these bars and they’ll probably stick around for extra drinks.

4. Announce your event and put your tickets on sale.  Create a Facebook event page and get people to RSVP. List the participating bars and make sure to print extra tickets for the bars to sell to their customers.  See a variety of ticket templates here! Encourage your patrons to participate in the theme and dress up.  There’s nothing better than seeing 100’s of people dressed alike in crazy costumes.  Great photo op!

5. Order Wristbands with Tear-Off Tabs.  When your “crawlers” order a drink at the participating bars, they will simply tear off a numbered tab from the wristband and redeem it for their drink.  This is extremely important for the bars. It’s the easiest way for them track redemptions and make sure that each guest is receiving their 1 complimentary beverage.


Tear-off Tab Wristbands are perfect for Pub Crawls!

6. On the day of your event, set up a registration table with a staff member that can assist with check-in, Id’s, wristbands, and door sales.  Don’t rely on the bartenders for this. They’re working hard to make your guests a great cocktail!

7.  Encourage your guests to hydrate! Bar crawls often mean heavy drinking.  Make sure to have a water station at every bar.  Bad hangovers do not create great memories!

8. Follow up with the bars after the event.  This will help you learn what worked and what needs to be corrected for your next pub crawl.

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