How to Make Your VIP Feel Extra Special

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You have guests, patrons, customers….And then you have your VIPs. Let’s remember why these guests are VIP in the first place. Did they purchase an upgraded opportunity or ticket? Did they win an exclusive experience? Or maybe they are in the media and they are covering your event? Whatever the case, there is a unique reason why these people are very important to your event and it is your responsibility to enhance their experience. Make it a priority to distinguish these guests from the rest of the event attendees.


Quick Tips & Recommendations to Make your VIP Feel More VIP:
1. Offer an all-inclusive option. Guests love when events include music, cocktails, and appetizers all in one ticket. It makes the night easy for this special patron.
2. Make their ticket or event invitation look unique. Foil and custom tickets always make a great impression.
3. Create a separate entry area for your VIP, where your staff can personally greet these guests and give them a cool wristband. We like Holographic Wristbands for VIP’s since they add that extra shimmer and shine to make guests feel extra special.
4. Establish a clear VIP area. Rope off seating or add a special touch with more comfortable seating.
5. Offer them a glass of champagne or unique beverage to get their night started.
6. Special touches like flowers, lighting, and delicious hors d’oeuvres will enhance their evening.
7. If your venue permits, provide your VIP guests with private restrooms.
8. Have your staff follow up with your VIP’s throughout the evening.
9. Give them a gift or small item to remember your event. Send them off with a photo, a program, or a special keepsake that we’ll remind them of the fun evening.
10 Follow up with your VIP guests after the event and invite them to future events.

Your VIP’s have upgraded for a special experience. Dazzle them with exceptional service and an extraordinary experience; you’ll have them talking about your event for years to come!

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