The Many Security Features of our Tickets

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The Many Security Features of our Ticket Templates

The Many Security Features of our Ticket Templates

It’s pretty easy to divide our customers into 2 groups. Those who print tickets for novelty events like birthday parties, unique wedding invitations, sweet 16s etc and those who print tickets for events where a ticket is treated like cash.

If one promoter hands his street team a stack of 100 tickets, worth $20 each, his street teamer is expected to either return with $2000 in cash, or the difference in tickets. Because tickets to an event might be in the hands of someone attending an event weeks, even months ahead of the event date, it’s really important for you to know your ticket design cannot be duplicated.

We Take Ticket Security Very Seriously

Venues and event organizers put a lot of trust in the company printing their tickets because so much money is at stake. Our ticket templates are some of the most secure in the industry and each one has all of these features

  • Hidden UV ink – invisible ink that can only be seen when the ticket is held under a blacklight
  • More Hidden ink – a second layer of invisible ink that can only be seen when the back of the ticket is rubbed with the edge of a coin
  • Holograms or Foil stamps – a shiny layer is applied to the ticket making it that much harder to duplicate
  • Sequential numbering – each ticket contains a unique number on both the body and the stub making it easy to identify each ticket
  • Barcodes – a free optional extra – adding a barcode that can be scanned provides another layer of security
  • Us. Last but not least. Us. TA Ticket Printing. Yours Truly.It sounds like a gimmick but it’s not. Although much of the order process is automated, we physically print the tickets in-house and check each order against previous ones to make sure it isn’t a duplicate.So, if someone figures out you printed your tickets with us and tries to copy the design, our system of checks and balances will catch it. In 8 years, no one has ever got through.

This is an important point, and one that should be considered carefully. Would you rather trust your ticket printing to a company that specializes in this product, or use a main street printer who’s printing flyers one minute and thousands of dollars worth of tickets the next?

back of a ticket template showing security features like hologram

Hidden Ink, Serial Numbers, Holograms and other Security Features

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