Tickets Aren’t Just For Concerts!

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christmas-tree-tickets-0Let’s play a quick word association game. Bear with us here. When you see the word “tickets,” what comes to mind? Did you immediately think concert? That’s okay. If this was Family Feud, that’s what the survey would say for sure. But our custom printed tickets can be used for so much more than concerts. Fairs, festivals, fundraisers and other types of events that don’t start with F all need tickets and we don’t want to brag but we print pretty spiffy ones. We’re all about real tickets. Not black and white, 8.5” x 11” filler paper print-outs. Not flimsy receipts. Tickets you want to put in a scrapbook. That’s what we do.

This time of year there are tons of non-concert events in dire need of customized tickets. From Christmas cantatas and Nutcracker-themed dance recitals to holiday light shows and breakfasts with Santa, our holiday tickets are seeing plenty of action this month. We have Christmas tree tickets available in red, green or a merry medley of both, wintry tickets in dazzling blue and shiny foil-lined tickets available in a kaleidoscope of colors. If you’re planning a big holiday production or a fun-filled winter celebration, some colorful printed tickets from TA Ticket Printing will provide your guests with a festive souvenir worth saving.

Another benefit to ordering a nice warm batch of custom TA tickets is that all TA tickets are designed with superior security in mind. Each ticket comes equipped with UV light and coin rub security check measures so you can make sure no one is sneaking into your swanky party unexpectedly. Our tickets also come with sequential numbering, so no two are exactly alike, just like winter snowflakes. So maybe you won’t be orchestrating a Justin Timberlake concert any time soon, but whether you’ve got a Christmas play or company New Year’s Eve party on the horizon, our custom themed tickets have got you covered.


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