Tickets for Church Events & Religious Organizations

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Have a big church event coming up? We have a ticket for that!

church event ticket templateOur Purple Cross Tickets and Blue Cross Tickets are perfect for religious-themed events like church outings, retreats, BBQ’s and more! Plus, for a limited time, these two tickets are being discounted to the incredibly low price of only $0.05 a ticket.

Featuring a purple or blue background and a white cross, these templates make great invitations for all kinds of religious events including youth group functions, church breakfast and buffet fundraisers, and other church events. The Blue Cross tickets are perfect for Easter events, while the Purple Cross tickets make for great Lent event tickets.

Since all of our tickets come with a perforated stub and are sequentially numbered on both ends, our event tickets work great as raffle tickets as well! Simply have your guests fill out their information on one portion and keep the other for a drawing.

Ticket templates for recitalsIn addition to the cross tickets, our Musical Notes Tickets also make for great invitations to church recitals and choir performances with the sheet music background.

Be sure to place your order before 2 PM ET and we will print and ship your tickets out the same day!

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