Tips for Promoting Your Awesome Events: Social Media

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Tips for Promoting Your Awesome Events!

Social Media Edition

Social Media NetworksWe at TA Ticket Printing know there is more to throwing a successful event than tickets and wristbands (although those things are extremely important, wink wink).

The fact is, the most important way to get people to attend your event is to let them know about it! If people don’t know about your awesome event, then there is no way they can attend it.

Promoting your event on a limited budget is easier and cheaper now more than ever before thanks to this fancy thing called the World Wide Web, otherwise known as the Internet. Utilizing all the tools the Internet has to offer to help promote your event can be done with a swiftness following some simple steps.

Social Media

Social Media is obviously an important factor when it comes to promoting an event. Not only are most social networks free to use, but they have the ability to reach a wide network of people with interests similar to the event you are promoting.

  • Facebook
    • If your event is something that occurs either annually or on any sort of regular basis, it’s a great idea to create a Facebook Brand Page for the event. It’s a great way to brand your event, and allows fans to like your page so they can get updates in their news feed. Plus, when one person likes your Facebook page, it broadens the likelihood that their friends will see your page too.
    • Create a Facebook event! This easily lets people know important info like the location (including a Google map), date and time of the event, what the event is about, who is going to the event, and now even the predicted weather forecast!
  • Twitter
    • Twitter is more than celebrities and 14-year-old girls mouthing off about their daily activities. It is actually a really great promotional and marketing tool!
    • Create a Twitter handle that is unique and easily recognizable to your event. Be sure to include your event’s website – or Facebook page – in the bio of the Twitter profile.
    • The best way to gain followers is to follow other people and tweet often!
    • Throw contests on Twitter by having people re-tweet a tweet to win free tickets or by answering a trivia question that relates to your event. This is a great way to engage your followers and expand the reach of your tweets!
  •  Google+
    • Google+ may not be one of the more popular social networks, but it’s power when it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) purposes is incomparable to any other.
    • Learn more about how Google+ can help promote your events.
  • Pinterest
    • Pinterest may not be for everyone, but it is a proven driver of traffic to event information or a website, even more so than Twitter in some situations.
    • It is all about visual images, so pin images that relate to your event in some way and have them link back to your website or Facebook event page.
  • Instagram
    • Instagram is a great way to garner interest in your event!
    • Upload pictures of your team preparing for the event or anything related to it. For example, if you’re hosting a beer festival, Instagram some images of the beers that will be featured as a teaser to your followers.
    • Take pictures during the event and even hold an Instagram photo contest – have users upload a picture of them at your event with a specific hashtag and pick the best one to win a prize!

Next time you print tickets with us, be sure to include your Twitter or Instagram handle to gain more followers!

If you want even more event promotion, try listing your event with us and selling tickets online! Our parent company, Ticket Alternative, has great rates and event promotion through hundreds of channels.


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