Tips for Throwing a Thrilling Halloween Party

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The Fall is finally here, and that means everyone’s favorite (at least it’s our favorite) holiday is right around the corner! Yes, we’re talking about Halloween! With just over a month until the big day, we thought we’d share some of our favorite party planning tips to make your Halloween Bash a pumpkin smashin’ success!

1. Plan ahead! Pick your date and time as soon as possible! Once you’ve got that locked down, make sure you have a venue that is available on the day of the party! Do this right away to make sure you have a rockin’ location for your party!

2. Guest List and Invitations! Once you know when and where  your party will take place, it’s time to make your guest list and invitations. Is the event open to anyone who buys a ticket? If that’s the case, send out invites through an event on Facebook with the link to purchase. Get in the spirit of the holiday with Halloween themed tickets! You can even use tickets as a cute alternative to invitations if the guest list is set!

3. Entertainment! What’s a party without entertainment? Decide what you want to do to keep the crowd busy. Will it be costume contests, a live band, or a DJ? It could even be you and your iPhone with a set of speakers, but get it set early, so you aren’t scrambling the morning of the party for something fun to do.

4. Food and Drink! Make sure you decide on what you’re going to serve at your party whether it’s a sit down meal, passed hors d’oeuvres, or chips and salsa. Once you have a close to accurate idea of the number of attendees order (or buy) the food so there are no last minute trips to Publix stressing you out. Make sure your bar is fully stocked too! There’s nothing worse than the bar running out too early in the night. If the crowd is a mixed age group, use halloween themed wristbands for those who are 21+ to make sure everyone stays safe (and legal) throughout the bash!

5. Enjoy! Halloween’s arrived, and it’s time for your amazing party. You’ve put in the time planning ahead to make sure everything from the entertainment to the bar is all set. Put your costume on and enjoy the party!

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