Valentine’s Day Event & Party Ideas!

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valentines day ticket templateThere’s nothing like working for a ticketing company to remind you that Valentine’s Day is steadily looming in the near future. While Valentine’s Day is traditionally a day to celebrate romantic love, I’ve always thought of it as a day to celebrate love in general, and for that reason I’ve always liked the holiday.

So whether you’re taken, looking, or maybe even on the bitter end, I thought I’d round up some great Valentine’s event ideas for everyone!

But first – a little background on Valentine’s Day and why we celebrate it:

There are a few different legends regarding St. Valentine, and one of the more popular ones is that Valentine was priest during the third century of Rome under Emperor Claudius II. The legend is that Claudius outlawed marriage for young men after deciding single men made better soldiers than those with wives, so Valentine married couples in secret. When Claudius discovered Valentine’s actions, he was put to death.
Another popular legend is that Valentine was imprisoned and actually sent the first “Valentine” to a girl he was in love with, signing it “From your Valentine,” hence the expression that we use today.

Now that we have some history of Valentine’s Day, let’s get to the party ideas:

**Stop Light Party** – The idea for a stop light party is inspired by those pesky little traffic lights: Red means stop, Yellow means caution, and Green means go ahead. Simply throw a party and tell your guests to wear red if they’re taken, green if they’re single, and yellow if “it’s complicated.”

**Wine Tasting Party** – Are you and all your friends coupled up? Why not throw a couples wine tasting party and share the love (and the wine)! If this sounds like your kind of Valentine’s event, our Red Wine Glass tickets will make for a perfect event invitation.

**Bitter Ball** – For those of you that are single, ready to mingle and are feeling a bit bitter about it, a bitter ball is a fun way to interact with other singles all while enjoying the irony of being single on Valentine’s Day.

**Speed Dating** – Speed dating is a popular way to meet multiple people that are also looking for love all in one night. Our Cupid Heart ticket template is a perfect ticket to use for a speed dating event, since Cupid is the symbol of finding love.

No matter how you spend your Valentine’s Day, we hope you feel the love and look to, your one stop event shop, for all your party needs!

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