Summer Festival Tips & Tricks!

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Summer Festival Tips & Tricks!

Summer Shakedown

Festival season is in full swing and there’s now more festivals than ever! I am a big fan of all kinds of festivals, especially the food, music, or beer kind, and most especially when they combine all three!

I’ve been to a few festivals in my day (although not nearly enough) and so I’ve collected a few tid-bits of useful tricks to help enjoy a festival to the fullest potential possible.

Beat the Heat

  1. Listen to me closely when I say this, because this product will definitely become your best friend – sunscreen! Bring sunscreen, and lots of it if it’s a multi-day festival. You can never have too much, and it is likely that one of your companions or camp neighbors will forget theirs and you will become the savior to all.
  2. Bring a personal, battery-operated fan. Bonus points for the kind with an attached spray water bottle! These little things are seriously a gift to man-kind and will help to keep you from passing out in the middle of a show. I like to attach mine to a lanyard so I can wear it around my neck for easy access.
  3. Water. Water, water, water. Make sure to hydrate yourself before you wreck yourself! I’ve seen far too many people pass out from dehydration during a festival, and it’s not a pretty sight. Save the booze for the late night shows and stick to water for the day. Trust me.
  4. Set up a canopy tent at your campsite to hang out at between shows. Heat tends to collect inside a closed tent, so an open tent is a better way to go in the daytime.
  5. Wear a hat! Basically anything to help keep you in the shade will be heaven sent.

Snacks and Stuff

If you’ve read any of my blog posts you should know that I am a big fan of food. All kinds of food. And most definitely festival food! While it is nice to enjoy the multitude of food trucks to sample at festival, it can get pricey – and possibly rough on your stomach – so it is also a good idea to pack some essentials before you arrive at the fest.

  •  Since it’s summer, try to pack foods that won’t be too perishable, like chips, crackers and nuts.
  • If you’ll have easy access to ice throughout the festival, bring a big cooler or two to keep some fresh food like fruits or lunch meat and cheese so you’re not eating processed foods all weekend!
  • You’ll likely get hungry when you’re out and about, so it’s also a good idea to bring portable snacks like granola bars or trail mix to keep in your bag.
  • I’ll reiterate this again, because it’s so important – water! Bring lots and lots of it. It’s a good idea to bring a couple gallons of extra water to do a makeshift shower too in case you won’t have access to any.

Buddy System

Festivals tend to have a lot of people in attendance, and it’s easy to get lost from the rest of your group, which usually isn’t the best situation to be in. So, when in doubt, use the buddy system! My friends and I will usually choose a buddy at the beginning of a trip to be sort of responsible for, and it’s always worked out for us.

If you have an especially large crew with you, it might be a fun idea to get some custom wristbands made to identify your group!

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