Event Planning Tips for Fraternity Parties, Socials, Mixers & More!

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Our version of the Red Solo Cup, the Red Tyvek Wristband- affordable, functional, and always there for a good time!

Our version of the Red Solo Cup, the Red Tyvek Wristband- affordable, functional, and always there for a good time!


On many college campuses around the country, Greek life seems to dominate the social scene. From parties, to group dinners, long study sessions, and endless shenanigans, great memories (and some cringe-worthy) are made that will last a lifetime.

If you’re a social chair or head of event planning for your Fraternity or Sorority then you know that there are a few essential items that you need to have at every Greek function. Wristbands for socials and mixers should be at the top of your party-planning list. Wristbands will quickly identify the 21+ crowd. By using wristbands it shows outsiders, particularly those in uniform, that you have prepared for the event and that you are taking the necessary precautions to keep your event attendees safe. Often times, restaurants and bars will host Greek organizations and offer special discounts or donations to their philanthropy just for bringing in a large group. Give your attendees a wristband that will identify their membership. You can even customize wristbands with Greek letters or the name of the social event.

Throughout the year, you’ll be hosting band parties, alumni events, parents’ weekends, and formals. Custom invitations can get expensive and printing from your computer is tedious, but one way to send out a fun event invite is to use concert tickets for Greek functions. On these tickets, you can easily include all of the important information: event title, date, location, time, who to RSVP to, and more! Tickets are affordable and serve as great memorabilia that members can save for years to come! Check out a variety of ticket themes that are perfect for a formal event, BBQ, tailgate, beach party, and more!

Perfect for a Band Party!

Perfect for a Band Party!






Here are a few more items that we suggest having at your next Fraternity or Sorority social/mixer/party:

First Aid Kit- ya never know who will commit the first party foul
Extra bottles of water- hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Snacks, a little food in your tummy helps prevent those ugly hangovers
Taxis/Designated Drivers- have them lined up for your event or at least keep their numbers on hand
Cleaning supplies- drinks get spilled, toilets overflow, you know the drill
Extra Red Solo Cups

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