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If you are at all familiar with the fine employees of Ticket Alternative/TA Ticket Printing/EventWristbands.com, you might know that we consider ourselves to be a strange little family, not unlike the Addams Family.

So, as with any other family, we like to poke fun at one another, give each other funny nicknames, and put a certain someone’s face all over everything.

It started out simply enough, a Frye Face here, a Frye Face there, but eventually it evolved into a small phenomenon that has become quite the novelty in our office.

Below are examples of some classic FryeFace placements around the office:

lotion  lights  gnomes  cone  conan  board

Just your standard office paraphernalia, nothing to get too excited about.

Then one day, we all got an email with this in it:


And we were never the same.

Just kidding. That’s kind of dramatic. Basically this movie poster spurred (pun intended) a chain of amazingly well-crafted Jeremy Frye movie posters and the like, which are now being collected on the soon-to-be-internet-famous FryeFace Tumblr.

Here are a few more of my personal favorites so you can get the general gist of the awesomeness that is FryeFace:








The original movie poster from pre-FryeFace.

If you’re not already impressed, be sure to check out the full Tumblr for all the Frye Mania and follow us for future updates! There will be updates, I can promise you that.

Have a Happy Fryeday everyone! 🙂

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