How to Host a Successful Wine Tasting Party

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Nowadays with stores like Trader Joe’s and Total Wine, it is extremely affordable to host a wine tasting.  From small gatherings to huge parties, you can take your wine party to the next level with these easy tips.

1. Create the excitement by sending your guests a themed wine ticket as their invite to the wine tasting.  Be sure to include standard information like date, time, address, phone number, and dress code.

2. Focus on a Region.  Taste the different varieties of wines developed in unique areas across the world.  Popular regions include: California’s Central Coast (USA), Napa Valley (USA), Piedmont (Italy), Bordeaux (France), Tuscany (Italy), Mendoza (Argentina), South Australia,  Willamette Valley (Oregon, USA) and many more.  Keep samples to a minimum of 4-5. Too many samples are confusing for guests.

3. Offer Whites and Reds.  Many guests are naturally inclined to prefer a red wine over a white wine and vice versa.  Make the experience enjoyable for all by offering 2 options to choose from.

4. Chill wines at the correct temperatures.  Whites should be about 48-56 Degrees Fahrenheit, while reds should be about 58-68 Degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Provide a large wine glass for each guest.  Don’t let them rinse the glass in between sippings. Water can change the flavor or weaken the wine.  Put a bucket out for guests that may want to empty their glass instead of finishing the sample.

6. Give the guests a small wine charm for their glass.  This will keep guests from mixing up their glasses throughout the evening.

7. Offer small bites like cheese, fruits, meats, and breads that will complement the wines, but not overwhelm the guests’ palettes.   These items are easily and affordably found at places like Trader Joes, Costco, and Sam’s Club.

8. Give your guests a note pad and have them rate the wines on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being their favorite.  Ask them to comment on each wine.  Results can be shared towards the end of the evening.

9. Send your guests off with a mini bottle of wine that is your favorite! It’s a charming item that will remind them of your event.

10. Try a Champagne tasting.  If you’ve hosted wine parties before then try something new and host a “Champs Party”.  Add some glitz and glamour to the night with hors d’oeuvres and fun music for an entertaining cocktail party.

There are many ways to host a wine tasting and a more affordable option is ask your guests to each bring a bottle of wine.  You can easily separate the reds and whites and start the sampling when the majority of the guests arrive.  Have the guests rate their favorite wine and give a small prize to the guest that provided the fan favorite!

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