Tickets for School Functions

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Tickets for School Functions

The summer is slowly coming to an end and it’s almost time for back to school! Back to school means a whole new year of fun events, festivals, school dances and all kind of activities.

We have an awesome assortment of ticket templates that will be sure to liven up any school event and make them more official. Customized tickets can help to ensure event security, which is an important thing to keep in mind at a school function. When the safety of the students is a priority, event security is a must. Tickets also act as great memorabilia of events that students participate in during the school year.

School Dances

Invite students to a school dance such as Homecoming or Prom with customized event tickets like our Purple Dancing Tickets for a more formal look or DJ Tickets for a more hip look. This will not only inform students of the when and where of the dance, but give them a lovely keepsake to remember the dance for years to come.

Fall Festival

For a Fall Festival, send out customized Autumn tickets to parents of the students to encourage them to visit the school and get involved in the activities. The more involved a parent is in the school, the better it is for the students! Our Autumn tickets feature an orange-brown background with a light image of a pumpkin patch, evoking the atmosphere of Fall.

Field Day

Host a Field Day for students, teachers and parents to participate in. Field Days are a great way to get everyone outside and active. Playing games can help to build sportsmanship as well as teamwork skills! Some fun field day games to play are:

  • Tug-o-war
  • Potato sack or Three-legged race
  • Kickball
  • Hula-hoop and jump rope contests

Similar to a Field Day, host an Olympics Day that will feature different countries so that students can learn about other cultures! Play popular games of each country and have a potluck sign up for popular foods from those countries. An Olympics Day is a fun alternative to the more traditional Field Day that will get students interacting and interested in diverse cultures. Give different colored wristbands for each country or team!


Raffles are an exciting and effective way to raise funds for a school club, field trip or an organization. Our ticket templates can be customized for a raffle since they have a perforated stub with matching sequential numbers. Use either the body or the stub of the ticket as a place where people can fill in their information, and let them keep the other part!


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