Make Your Grand Opening Extraordinary with Customizable Tickets!

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Whether it’s a new restaurant in town, a retail store, a movie theater or a night club, grand openings are always a fun and exciting way to welcome something new. Depending on the amount of promotion and the location of the grand opening, these events can draw a pretty large crowd, especially when food, drinks and giveaways are involved. The easiest and most efficient way to organize these events is the use of tickets! Ticket Alternative Ticket Printing overs a variety of affordable tickets that can be customized for your event.


Let’s say that you are hosting a grand opening for a new restaurant in town. What better way to introduce the restaurant to the community than with wine glass or champagne toasting themed tickets? More points for you if you welcome your guests to the celebration with a glass of wine or champagne! Make your tickets just as classy as your new restaurant!


Maybe you’re thinking about opening a retail store. Whether your store sells furniture, clothing, accessories or home décor, choose tickets that coordinate with the season in which the store is opening. We have season themed tickets, as well as, bold and bright colored tickets that go along with the different seasons of the year. Make your grand opening special with winter wonderland themed tickets in the cold months or welcome your guests with beach themed tickets in the summer months. The possibilities are endless!


Getting excited about that advanced screening at the movie theater you’re opening? Ticket Alternative Ticket Printing has you covered. We’ve got film themed tickets, as well as, theater themed tickets for the opening of your venue! Roll out the red carpet in front of your theater and we promise every attendee will look like a true celebrity with these customized tickets!


Everyone loves gathering some friends together and spending a night on the town. Nothing’s better than going out in the city and attending the grand opening of a new nightclub! We offer the perfect club themed and DJ themed tickets for your event! Set the mood for the night with colored tickets featuring a microphone, DJ set or people dancing in the background.

Tickets are a fun, creative and affordable way to help organize your grand opening. If you don’t want your grand opening to be ticketed, you can always use tickets as an invitation to your event. Spice things up and use your imagination. We offer tickets in a large variety of colors and themes. What’s the best part? They are all customizable, so you can make your tickets just as unique as your event!


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