How To: General Admission vs. VIP Tickets & Wristbands

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There are many things to consider when planning an event. What kind of food will be served? Will there be alcoholic beverages? How many people will be invited?

An important factor to keep in mind is whether you will want to have different admission types. Offering a VIP admission option is a great way to increase revenue for your event and offer attendees a chance to have a better experience. Opting for a VIP ticket could mean that the person can get benefits like unlimited food and drink, access to nicer bathroom facilities, or maybe even just quicker entry into the event. It creates a win-win situation for both the people behind the event and the people attending the event.

To differentiate between general admission tickets and VIP tickets, use either different colored tickets of the same style, or different style tickets of the same color! For example, use a Yellow Standard Ticket for general admission tickets, and Yellow Foil Tickets for the VIP tickets:

General Admission Ticket


VIP Ticket

Having two different ticket styles for the two admission types will make the entry process quicker and more streamlined, since your event staff will be able to easily tell the difference. Plus, it will make your VIP guests feel extra special with a shiny, foil ticket!

Another option is to give out VIP Wristbands. This will make it easier for those working the event to quickly see who the VIP patrons are while the event is going on. Customize tear-tab wristbands with your event logo for the VIP guests if they are allowed drink or meal tickets!

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