Tickets for Chili Cook-Offs!

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chili cook offFall is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start cooking that flavorful chili! As the hot summer heat fades out and the cool, brisk breeze fills the air, whispers of chili cook-offs start swarming. Chili cook-offs are fun and competitive social events that bring the community together! Want to throw the best chili cook-off in the neighborhood? Let us tell you how tickets and wristbands can help organize your event into one of the greatest around town!

Whether your chili cook-off is big or small, TA Ticket Printing offers a wide variety of affordable tickets that make the perfect organizational tool for events. With guests coming in and out of the cook-off, it’s easier to keep track of attendees if they are given tickets to show as they enter and exit the event. Our tickets are customizable which means tickets for vendors, competitors, general admission attendees and VIP guests can be different and easily decipherable from one another. For vendors and competitors of the chili cook-off that may need to arrive to the event site earlier than general admission attendees, the face of the ticket can specify directions and guidelines as to where they should meet, enter the premises and set up. The same area on the ticket that give directions and guidelines to vendors and competitors, can be left blank for general admission attendees so they have a place to cast their vote at the end of the day. Thinking about how to make your VIP guests feel special? A neat idea is to use their ticket stub to enter them into a raffle! With customizable tickets, there are so many ways to be creative!

Planning on serving alcohol at your chili cook-off? This is where our Quick Custom Tyvek wristbands from EventWristbands come into play! These wristbands come in a variety of colors and they are customizable! You can choose the color of the wristband that you want as well as the logo or text that you want on it. To help separate patrons that are over 21 years of age from those who are under, you can simply print “Over 21” on the wristbands. Other text ideas include, “Drinking Age Verified” or simply, “Age Verified”. Not only can you make them your own, but if they are ordered before 2pm, the wristbands can be shipped or picked up at our offices the same day! Perfect for last minute needs!

Whether you use fall-themed tickets or solid bright-colored tickets, all of our tickets at TA Ticket Printing are customizable in order to meet your needs for your festive event! Chili cook-off competitors and event vendors can be separated from general admission attendees by the color of their tickets and the subject matter printed on the face of the ticket. VIP guests will feel extra special when they realize that their ticket stub is automatically entered into an awesome raffle! Don’t forget about our Quick Custom wristbands! Customized wristbands make it easy for alcohol vendors to decipher between those over 21 years of age and those under. Just think, not only will you make a sweet impression on your guests with the abundance of delicious chili, but the innovative use of tickets and wristbands will sure leave a mark too!


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